Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunrise, Tree Tunnel, Palm Trees & Chickens

Beautiful sunrise this morning...

There is an iconic road here on the island named Maliuhi, more appropriately named The Tree Tunnel. The road is lined with Eucalyptus trees that, over time, have formed a canopy over the road. It gives the appearance of a tunnel of trees. In 1992, there was a hurricane that stripped most of the island of vegetation, including those trees. Fortunately they have made a full recovery and The Tree Tunnel is as beautiful as ever.

Just past the Poipu shopping village there is a nice little road lined with Palm Trees. Another fun photo in the series of my PATH photos, dedicated to my FAN (Favorite Aunt Nancy) and her love of paths.

And of course, where would we be if I didn’t have a picture of a chicken. Kauai is run by chickens who, during the above mentioned hurricane, got loose. Locals had them as pets and I’m sure for their farm fresh eggs. After they got loose, no one ever rounded them up – now they are everywhere. What’s fun is yelling “chick-EN” really loudly and watching them freak out. And yes, the chickens cross the road here, all the time. And I don’t stop for them (but, I’ve never hit one) . . . there are hundreds.

I found this picture of Hanakapi’ai Falls that I hadn’t noticed before, so here is another shot of the 400+ foot waterfall.


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