Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunrise, Ono Food & Sunset

Headed out again this morning to watch the sun rise.  When I got to the beach, the clouds didn’t seem promising, but I was wrong – God painted the sky beautifully.

Ran errands around town then headed out to Hanapepe to hang with my friend. We sat in the sun and talked story; it was a wonderful afternoon. Dinner was so, so, so ono!!! Fresh-caught Mahi Mahi, stuffed with fresh crab, mushrooms, green onion, water chestnuts and more – wrapped in ti leaves and baked to perfection. We also had pulled-pork tacos with home-smoked pork as well as homemade hot (HOT) pepper salsa. Finished off with yummy smoothies.

The day ended as beautifully as it had begun, I watched the sunset out in Waimea, even though it went down behind a little penninsula it was still a beautiful sunset.

Also, I found out that some friends I haven’t seen since 2004 are on the island and we are getting together for dinner today – so fun!


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