Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunrise, Flowers & Hiking

Today I woke up early and headed to the beach to watch a magnificent sunrise. The whole sky was glowing brilliant shades of orange. Getting up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise has been pretty easy so far, but I think that as I adjust to the time here it might get more difficult. Good thing God paints a pretty picture to encourage me to get up.
Late morning I headed out to Poipu to meet my friends to go hiking. On the way I stopped and took some pictures of the brilliant Shower Trees that are lining the road to Poipu. Its flowers are so pretty!

My friends and I hiked from Shipwreck to Mahaulepu, roughly 6 miles roundtrip. It was hot out, but nice to have to ocean breeze keeping us cool. On the way back we still had about 1 mile left when we were walking by a golf course. A security guard in a golf cart offered us a ride back to our cars and an ice cold bottle of water, so nice of him! Then we were off to Poipu Beach for some coconut water and food to replenish us. I saw some turtles at the bay in Poipu, but none of them were daring enough to venture out for me to take their picture. Hopefully one will be brave enough before I leave.

Mahalo for visiting, Kaileia

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