Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunrise, A day with Turtles, Ono Fish Wrap & Sunset..

Good morning!
Yesterday’s sunrise was gorgeous!

Headed North for the afternoon. First stop was the Moloa’a Sunrise Juice Bar for a deliciously-refreshing Tropical Sunrise made with Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and Guava! Then I headed to a place near Queen’s Bath. There is a small cove before you get to the Bath that is full of turtles! I sat there for over an hour enjoying the sun, salty air, never ending waves and a handful of turtles bobbing around. I love watching those gentle Honus swim effortlessly while being tossed to and fro within the crashing waves; their heads popping up every so often for a breath of air. A few years ago I had an amazing experience with my Mom and Aunt Nancy. We got to swim in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by these beautiful creatures. It was surreal swimming next to them and coming face to face with the turtles. I’ve been blessed to swim with turtles on a few occasions and each time I so enjoy my time with them!  

Then to the Kilauea Fish Market for one of the best fish wraps I’ve ever had! Inside is full of fish (mine was wahoo), brown rice, carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts, green onions, peppers, organic greens and an amazing homemade dressing. Sorry to make your mouth water. Make sure to stop by if you are ever on the Island!

I headed back to Princeville for the sunset. I enjoyed walking around the grounds of the St. Regis for a bit, waiting for the sun to sink lower on the horizon. The sunset started off good, but then hid behind some clouds. At the last second the sun peeked through for a split second and then it was gone, still beautiful though!   

I am here for 5 ½ more days! I have a couple places I still want to go, and of course more sunrises and sunsets!

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