Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Starting off with a Sunrise...

Today was a wonderful day! Woke up early at 5:30am to watch the sunrise at Lydgate Beach, and it did not disappoint! I arrived just before 6am and sat on a log to enjoy watching the sunrise. An elderly Hawaiian lady came and sat next to me and shared how every day she wakes up and comes to watch the sunrise. She was nice and I enjoyed the company.
Shopping was my next stop, which was a success. I then headed out to Hanapepe to see my former roommate. It was so good to talk story with her and hear all of things God is doing in her life.
I headed to Glass Beach for the afternoon. It always amazed me how I can simply walk on the glass and it is smooth. The glass having rolled around in the ocean and then strewn upon the shore – it is a dazzling sight.
Stopped by the Kauai Coffee Company to enjoy a cup of coffee.Also enjoyed the smell of the plumerias around the property.

Headed home and saw two rainbows along the way. Still adjusting to the time difference, so I am headed to bed early.
It is surreal to be back on this beautiful Island, I am looking forward to enjoying my time here!
Mahalo for visiting,

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