Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hiking Hanakapi'ai Falls, Ke'e Beach

Aloha, today was such a great and wonderful day! Started off with a beautiful sunrise at Mokihana, the morning glow was undeniably gorgeous.

I headed out to Ke’e around 8 with some friends. We started up the trail to Hanakapi’ai Falls around 10:30 and got there around 12. It was a good hike, some muddy parts.  The serene sounds that were heard as we were walking through the jungles – the singing birds, the sound of the bamboo creaking in the breeze and the sound of the rushing river – it was beautiful. As we finally rounded the corner to see the falls it was just another 15 minutes until we could jump in fresh mountain water and cool ourselves off. This 400+ft waterfall is stunning.

 Then came the hike back, another 4 miles, 8 all together through red dirt mud that would stain our shoes, and lush green forests and hills like you couldn’t imagine. The hike back seemed harder. There were so many hills, and each time we got to the top hoping to see Ke’e beach below us…it wasn’t. Finally after many twist and turns over slippery rocks and roots sticking out into our path, we got there! Refreshed by some Hawaiian Sun drinks and fresh made Ahi Tuna lettuce wraps – so ono! (oh, and chocolate cake! Happy Birthday to Tina!) Lots of friends and family hanging out on the beach made for fun times and memories made. The sun was hiding behind some clouds as it was making its way down but it lit the clouds up beautifully.  Finally peeking through the clouds, the sun made a brilliant spectacle as it set on another evening of a day filled with adventures!

As we came up the hill from Hanalei the moon was rising in front of us. A Super Moon, that is. A huge glowing yellow moon. It was like a giant spotlight in the sky! One more stop at Hamura Saimin for some more ono food. And now, off to bed!!!

P.S. One final thing about today. While we were hanging out at Ke’e a wedding ceremony was taking place. What made it special was – it was Seahawk themed! There were 3 bridesmaids, each in one of the Seahawk colors and the adorable little flower girls in their blue and green tutu’s with Seahawk ribbons. The groom and groomsmen in were in team jerseys. And of course, the beautiful bride. In a unique white wedding dress coordinated with blue and green flowers throughout her bouquet and hair. A fun Seahawks themed destination wedding! Go Hawks!!!

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