Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beautiful Hanalei Bay...Rainbows, Crystal Blue Water

What a wonderful day! My morning started at 4:30am! I headed up to Hanalei Bay and arrived with ample time to spare before the sun lit up the Bay. The early morning colors were soft and warm; it was a nice quiet morning. I sat on the pier waiting for the sun to rise above the mountains from the east. Slowly but surely the sky toward the east started to glow in a vibrant orange. Then came the rain – and it was like a tropical storm rain for about 5 minutes. BUT, there is a quote that says, “no rain, no rainbows.” It couldn’t be more true.  The first of three rainbows appeared as I was sheltering myself from the rain under the cover of the pier. I was beyond ecstatic! I ran out into the rain to get some pictures before the rainbow started to fade. I then called my mom because she had found a web cam the other day when I asked her to check the weather at the Bay. She found me easily as I was the only one on the pier! She then called my Dad and Grandpa and both were able to find me and could see me waving to them! While I was talking to my mom, another, more vibrant, rainbow appeared across the Bay! I was so happy to be the only one on the pier at that time, shooting a beautiful rainbow.

Headed to Ching Young Village to get some corn bread (my Aunt Gayle swears it is the best; it was pretty good!) I walked across the road to a big open field with an amazing view of the mountain and waterfalls. 

Back to Hanalei for a walk down the beach, enjoying the sunshine, sand and waves.

Of course, how can one go to Hanalei and not get Haupia? So, that is what I did – the lady asked if I wanted two forks – this is one thing – I am NOT sharing! Stopped at the Moloa’a Juice Stand and got some fresh pineapple juice – literally, it was like drinking a sweet and juicy pineapple!

Got back to Lihue around 12 and took a much needed nap after such an early morning!
Tonight was the last Hanapepe Art walk that I got to go to. It was such a nice evening. I got my photographs hung up and they will stay in my friend’s cafĂ© until sold. I got a lot of compliments on my shot under the Hanalei pier. Met some wonderful friends and enjoyed homemade Portuguese soup, yum! It was a great night!


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  1. So, so gorgeous! I just love the rainbow shots a sunrise Kai!