Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Hui Hou, My Beautiful Kauai - A Beautiful Sunset

Monday - my last full day here on the Island of Kauai – began with a beautiful sunrise at Lydgate.

I spent the morning packing, organizing my suitcases and running some errands. I went to an early dinner with my friend at Duke’s (of course!). We had some amazing Macadamia Nut Won Tons, Coconut Shrimp, and Ahi Poke (Fresh tuna and Maui onions wrapped in rice paper). You can never go to Duke’s without getting Hula Pie. Hula Pie is a huge slice of vanilla ice cream with macadamia nuts all throughout it that sits on a crust of chocolate cookies – topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and more macadamia nuts!  ONO!
We headed up to Hanalei for the sunset. We arrived just in time to see a beautiful sunset.  There were many others there on the Hanalei Pier also enjoying the view. It was a gorgeous last sunset.

I have been so blessed during my entire time here. My friend truly welcomed me into her home and graciously accompanied me on many adventures throughout the Island. We spent our Friday nights at the Hanapepe Art Walk, many days at the beach and a few days hiking and exploring Kauai.
Before coming over here I made a bucket list of pictures I wanted to take. All but one got crossed off. I would say this has been a pretty successful trip here.
I was really refreshed in my time with God while on Kauai; it was a refreshing time with Him in His gorgeous creation! He has blessed me abundantly and I am happy he gave me such a wonderful Island to enjoy and take pictures of.

I have enjoyed my time here, it has been beautiful and relaxing – but, I am ready to get back home - maybe not to the 100+ degree weather, but to family and friends, yes.
Aloha, my beautiful Kauai.
A Hui Hou…Until We Meet Again


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