Friday, June 22, 2012

My Mokihana

In 1974, my Grandfather read a little ad in the Seattle Times – it was a listing was for a 40 year time share condominium in beautiful Kauai.  A little place by the sea, called Mokihana.  In 1975 my dad’s family made their first trip to Kauai, and they have been visiting ever since.  Both my Nana and Great-Grandma Sherman stayed there a few times, and in fact, everyone in our family has stayed there multiple times, including some of my mom’s family, too.  Well, in 2014 that 40 year lease will be up – it’s a very sad time and an end to what has been a wonderful era in the Sherman family.

Last Friday, my Aunt Gayle called me and said that someone who had rented out three nights had to cancel at the last minute.  She asked if I would be interested in staying at Moki for a few nights.  Would I?!  But, of course!  I first stayed at Mokihana in ’05, my first trip to the islands.  I remember playing shuffle board, swimming in the pool, and watching the surf roll in.  Then again in ’07, I love Mokihana.

I remember watching home videos of my Grandma Sherman floating in the pool.  The grounds around Moki are just as beautiful as they have ever been.  There are palm trees, plumeria trees, lots of flowers, shuffle board and a little putting green.  There are really cool Tiki torches to light the night and barbeque grills to grill your fresh fish or steaks on – and all of this is just a few yards off of the ocean.

The room that I stayed in was only about 40 feet from the ocean shore.  It was wonderful to sit on the lani, drinking my coffee and watch the sunrise.  While the sunrises weren’t spectacular, they were still beautiful.  And, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves was so peaceful and relaxing.  In about 2 weeks my dad will get here and I’ll be able to stay at Mokihana again – I can hardly wait! 

Aloha--More blogs to come :)