Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Hui Hou, my Beautiful Kauai

A Hui Hou, My Beautiful Kauai

Well, it has definitely been awhile since I have blogged. I have been pretty busy these past couple weeks though, trying to get ready to move back to the mainland. Actually, I am writing this from the LA airport – and there was a mouse right by my foot earlier, eww! Next stop Seattle, then to Bellingham for some hiking and fishing with my Dad!

So, as I mentioned I’ve been pretty busy. In the past few weeks I worked for a little bit, but mostly I kept taking lots of pictures! Making sure I had been everywhere I wanted to go.  I will keep blogging and posting pictures after I get back home because I have had some fun adventures lately – I just have to find the time to blog!

It was hard leaving Kauai, but I’ll be back for a visit in 130 days! I had an amazing adventure, moving over to Kauai for almost a year! By far my favorite thing about moving to Kauai was the gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views all over the island, and I got to photograph most of it! God couldn’t have had me come to a more beautiful place. When I would tell people that I met that I lived on Island and was a photographer - they were pretty jealous. From the flowers, to the little critters and the sunsets…it is all beautiful!

Things I will miss:
The smell of all of the wonderful flowers…
Warm weather…
Tropical storms…
Salty ocean air…
Sand between my toes…
All of the hiking I got to do…
Listening to the geckos bark at night…
Yelling “CHICKEN” out the window and watching them run away and freak out…
Driving with my windows down all the time…
The sun…
Turtle watching…
Going to the rocks and just watching the waves crash, for hours on end…

Things I won’t miss:
Cockroaches; aka Cocka-bugs – There is just nothing good about them!

I couldn’t have picked a better place to have my adventure - on a small, beautiful island in the Pacific, surrounded by God’s amazing nature and beauty. And I have enjoyed learning more about Hawaii and my heritage, and meeting the friendly people of the islands.

This is one of the last pictures I took - the sunset out at the Waimea Pier. It hadn’t been a very pretty day, but the sunset was beautiful and peaceful, a wonderful way to end my time on Kauai.

So to Kauai I say, A Hui Hou – Until We Meet Again (in 130 days). It was fun; thanks for the memories.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Tuesday morning we woke up early and headed North. We accidently drove right by Snorkel Bob’s, where we rent our gear from, but we made a loopdy-loop and got our gear!

We got to Haena State Park, parked the car and started walking on the beach toward Tunnels.  Got there and started snorkeling.  One of the first fish I saw was a parrot fish – it was the biggest one I had ever seen!  Snorkeling was so entertaining, as usual. It’s just a whole different world under the water.  So many different kinds of colorful fish: big fish, little fish, red fish, blue fish – Oh wait, Dr. Suess already wrote this.  Anyway, it really is an amazing experience.  There was a lot of coral, and some sea urchins. (My friend’s mom stepped on a sea urchin today over on Maui – thankfully she got some antibiotics and is doing well.)  We also got to snorkel above some scuba divers, which was kind of fun!  We saw a lot of surgeon fish while snorkeling, and a whole school of little silver fish.  Of course we saw the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, the Hawaiian State fish.  After snorkeling for awhile we headed back to the car and while walking along the beach we saw a little turtle in the water.  We snorkeled for awhile at Ke’e Beach but it wasn’t as good as Tunnels.  We did see a school of ~200 sliver fish and my Dad and I had fun taking turns diving at them – making them scatter in every direction.

No pictures today but tomorrow I will blog about our hike to Hanakapi’ai and there will be a lot of beautiful pictures!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sunsets and Nene

For dinner we headed to the Kilauea Fish Market. My Mom, Nancy and I went here when they were visiting. We both got the fish taco, which is what I got last time. But this time we added some hot sauce – that was delicious!

After dinner we went and parked at the local hangout to watch the sunset. It wasn’t the best sunset but there were some very pretty clouds.


This picture is of a flock of Nene (the Hawaiian State bird) that flew by.

Check back to hear about all of our hiking adventures and see more pictures!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Turtles and Waterfalls :)

After ziplining we headed North to do some sight-seeing and have a little more relaxed day. Now - My Dad says that he came to the islands to see me; and he says that he had a music conference to attend; but I think the real reason he came was to get a piece of Haupia up in Hanalei! After we enjoyed our mid-day desserts (and I think he snitched some of mine!) we headed to Turtle Cove and ended up seeing about a dozen turtles or so bounding in the waves. They were awesome! We walked over to Queen’s Bath but it was way too crowded.  We enjoyed sitting and watching the turtles for awhile and then we headed off to check out the St. Regis hotel.

We walked around the incredible grounds and the huge lobby just staring and marveling at how beautiful it all was.  Side note, rooms here start at $650 a night!

There are two waterfalls on the side of the road – the fairly busy main highway – that I have wanted to photograph since I’ve been here.  My dad dropped me off on the side of the road and went up a little farther to a turnout while I doubled back on a big bridge to get the shots.  The lighting wasn’t great, but it is better than nothing. Here is one of the falls.

Check back tomorrow to see pictures of the beautiful sunset we watched that night!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Monday morning we were off to an early start! We were headed to Princeville Ranch Adventures to go on a zipline adventure. When we got there we checked in, got some safety tips and all got our harnesses on.  Then we were off, in this little off-road vehicle, driving through the ranch and passing cows.

Our first zipline was called Manini, and was only 170’.  It was more of a practice one.  The second one, Lehua, was 460’-it gave us our first real taste of what ziplining was all about.  It was really fun just running and jumping off of the platform, then flying through the air – sometimes backwards!  Next came the Ironwood at 380’.  After this we crossed a bridge that hung over some beautiful greenery and a little river.  The next four were as follows, Wiki Wiki Express at 530’, Okolehau at 410’, Big Kahuna at 700’, and Lele Pali at 600’.
We both had so much fun!  Our tour guides names were Mark and Kanoe; they were both really great and really knowledgeable of the Islands.  While we were on the Lele Pali we flew passed a decade old beehive with about 10,000 bees!  After this we stopped and had lunch at a little swimming hole.  While we were there a few of us went swimming and if I do say so, my Dad made the biggest cannon ball!

The stairs up to the KING KONG

After our break we got our gear back on and headed for King Kong!!!  This last zipline measures 1200’! Here they have 2 ziplines so you can race eachother – so fun!  My dad timed a few people and estimate we would be going between 20 and 25 miles per hour.  My dad and I were the last ones to go, and jumping off a 26’ high platform, racing across the jungle with my dad, it was pretty amazing!!! He beat me, but it was still a lot of fun.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wailua Falls Hike

Sunday we started the day at church - a nice little church where everyone was so friendly.  It was a great way to begin the day. J

We then got ready to go and headed up to Wailua Falls.  On the way we stopped at a turn-out to look for a hidden waterfall.  We kind of had to get in a certain place a little ways of the road and crane our necks just so – but we found it!  When we got back to the car, a tourist stopped and asked us if we had seen a wild boar.  Uh…nope! And I hope I never do – they can be scary!

When we reached the Wailua Falls overlook, we decided to go explore the top of the falls before taking the trail down to the bottom.  We went up the river a bit and found an old sugar cane road.  We also found an old rusted hanging bridge; I think it might have been used for sugar cane, too.  It was pretty cool!

We then carefully made our way right to the top edge of the falls… and looked over – eek!  It was scary, but thrilling!  My dad got a picture of me standing about 5 feet from the edge of a 180 foot drop! (Don’t look, mom!) J 

We then made our way back to the parking lot and took the quick 10 minute hike down the trail to the bottom of the falls.  Once we reached the big pool at the bottom, we took a very slippery, wet and muddy hike around it to the base of the falls and the rocks below.  We got some great pictures of us getting soaking wet while standing beneath and behind the falls.  Then it was time for a swim!  We both tried so very hard to make it to the bottom of the falls – but with the power of the water we couldn’t quite make it.  My dad almost made it and I made it about ¾ of the way.  We couldn’t rest even for a second without being pushed back.  It was a great workout and a lot of fun! 
Can you see my dad standing behind the falls?

Check back soon to see what Monday had in store for us!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crazy Waves :)

After getting back to Waimea we stopped in at JoJo’s Shave Ice – Yum!!! We then headed to Poipu and went swimming at the Hyatt, and then just spent some time in the sun! It was a beautiful day!

Before stopping to get some gelato we drove around and looked at pretty houses. I showed my dad the row of palm trees lining the road – it is just so pretty!

Then we headed to Papalani Gelato. My dad got gelato and I got some sorbetto; we both enjoyed our Heaven on a Cone.

We did some more shopping and stopped in at an artist’s gallery that I really like.
We ended the evening watching the waves crashing against the lava rocks – the water was so powerful, it was beautiful.

The sun hadn’t quite gone down and so we went and watched Spouting Horn do its thing. It was crazy awesome. The water that was on the rocks in front of Spouting Horn was perfect and I got some reflection shots.

One other thing we did was stood right by the air hole that makes the loud noise. It sounds like a plane is right next to you; it is scary and amazing all at the same time!
It was a great day! Check back tomorrow to see what we did next!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun out at Polihale

Well, it's been a long time since I have written a post, and I'm hoping to get back into the habit! I've been very busy the past couple weeks with my dad visiting and I've also been working every day since he left. so it's been a long process going through all of the photos that my dad and I took. But that's the big news - my dad came to visit me!!! We had so much fun!

He got here on a Friday and we went to a movie and had dinner at Dukes. My dad had the catch of the day with was moonsfish. I wish you could have seen his face - he was savoring every single delicious bite. That's one thing I love about being here - the fresh seafood! I had a macadamia nut pesto fettuccine with shrimp and fresh fish, yum! Of course we had to get the Hula Pie, which was amazing!

The next morning we headed out West and ended up stopping at a little coffee stand out there which has a drink called a Snickers Mocha. My friend Courtney told me aobut it when she was living here and she kept telling me I had to try it! Well - I finally got the chance to have one - and it was awesome!

We stopped at the Banyan Tree at the Waimea Plantation Cottages, it is so big!

We decided to check out the road to Polihale. This is a dirt road that is not maintained by the state, and as a result, it's often full of potholes and is very difficult to drive on to get out to the beach. To our amazement the road was pretty much perfect with only about two potholes. When we got out to Polihale (my favorite beach) it couldn't have been any prettier! The water was the bluest I had ever seen and the sun was shining bright.

I changed into my dress and got my Ukulele and my dad did a mini photo-shoot with me - on my favorite beach! He had so much fun. After that he got to go play in the waves for awhile and did some body surfing.
Enjoy these pictures and I'll write more tomorrow about what we did next.

Aloha, Kaileia

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Mokihana

In 1974, my Grandfather read a little ad in the Seattle Times – it was a listing was for a 40 year time share condominium in beautiful Kauai.  A little place by the sea, called Mokihana.  In 1975 my dad’s family made their first trip to Kauai, and they have been visiting ever since.  Both my Nana and Great-Grandma Sherman stayed there a few times, and in fact, everyone in our family has stayed there multiple times, including some of my mom’s family, too.  Well, in 2014 that 40 year lease will be up – it’s a very sad time and an end to what has been a wonderful era in the Sherman family.

Last Friday, my Aunt Gayle called me and said that someone who had rented out three nights had to cancel at the last minute.  She asked if I would be interested in staying at Moki for a few nights.  Would I?!  But, of course!  I first stayed at Mokihana in ’05, my first trip to the islands.  I remember playing shuffle board, swimming in the pool, and watching the surf roll in.  Then again in ’07, I love Mokihana.

I remember watching home videos of my Grandma Sherman floating in the pool.  The grounds around Moki are just as beautiful as they have ever been.  There are palm trees, plumeria trees, lots of flowers, shuffle board and a little putting green.  There are really cool Tiki torches to light the night and barbeque grills to grill your fresh fish or steaks on – and all of this is just a few yards off of the ocean.

The room that I stayed in was only about 40 feet from the ocean shore.  It was wonderful to sit on the lani, drinking my coffee and watch the sunrise.  While the sunrises weren’t spectacular, they were still beautiful.  And, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves was so peaceful and relaxing.  In about 2 weeks my dad will get here and I’ll be able to stay at Mokihana again – I can hardly wait! 

Aloha--More blogs to come :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Queen's Bath, Hiking and Hideaways

Alrighty, let’s jump back a few week when my cousins were here. My cousin Deane and her husband John came over to install new tile in Grandpa and Janice’s condo. While they were here they let me tag along on their adventures. On the first Saturday they were here we went to Queen’s Bath. This is also where Julia’s Cove is. (While my mom and Aunt were here we visited Queen’s Bath but there were too many people in it to take pictures.) It was an overcast but pretty day when we got there. John visited with some locals who had been camping there for a few days and had some fishing poles set up. We sat and enjoyed the beauty for awhile; all the while I was taking pictures, of course.

We were planning on heading to a beach named Hideaways next. After Queen’s bath we walked on the coastline to see what we could see. Surprisingly we could see the beach! We didn’t have anything to do the rest of the day and we thought it might be an adventure to hike the coastline to the beach. So, we set off! All three of us were in our slippahs, probably not the best when you are hiking over jagged pieces of lava and rocks. We had to go in and out of a few coves which took the most time. There were a few times where we could have fallen down onto some rocks or in the water, but it was an adventure and it was fun! While we were in one of the coves there were a whole lot of turtles feeding; they were so close, and we were walking right by them! In that same cove there was a monk seal that was swimming, and then it inched its way up on the rocks to sunbathe. He blended in so well, we might not have seen him if we didn’t see him in the water first. 

After about an hour and a half of hiking we came to the last bluff before the first beach. As we rounded the corner and came to the top looking for a way down, it didn’t look good. It just dropped off into the ocean. If we didn’t have our cell phones and camera we might have just jumped into the ocean and swam to the beach. We felt defeated after coming all this way and not being able to find a way down. We were sitting there thinking of what to do when Deane found an overgrown trail down to the beach…Thank goodness! After getting down to the first beach we realized we couldn’t get to Hideaways Beach because there was a huge rock in the way. So we hiked to the top, John and Deane went back and got the car while I headed to the parking lot for Hideaways to save a parking spot. Then we headed down the trail to Hideaways, also known as Pali Ke Kua Beach. The trail down to the beach is as steep as it could be with ropes and handles to hold onto while trying not to slip. It was a beautiful beach and we found a family of chickens down there, smart momma, keeping them away from the streets.

The picture below is from Google Earth and it shows where we hiked from and to; follow the yellow trail. The yellow arrow shows Hideaways; the red arrow shows the rock that was prohibiting us from getting from one beach to the next. All in all it was a great day and I had a lot of fun hiking with John and Deane.

The whole time we were hiking we could see a little bit of Hanalei Bay and the surrounding mountains - it was really beautiful. This picture is from Queen’s Bath.

A Hui Hou,