Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful Day!!!

Well it certainly doesn’t feel like the Holidays over here, but Lihue does a great job of decorating the town and this Friday we are having a tree lighting ceremony downtown!

The past few days have been very cloudy and windy, but today it cleared up and ended up being a beautiful day! 

We saw a family of Nenes which are also know as the Hawaiian goose, one of the world’s most rare type of geese. When Captain Cook arrived on the Hawaiian Islands there was an estimated 25,000 geese. However, hunting and predators introduced to the Islands dwindled the population to only 30 birds by 1952. These birds do well breeding in captivity and so by 2004 they were reintroduced to the wild. There are now an estimated 800 in the wild and 1000 in wildfowl collections and zoos.

I love sunsets, I think they are beautiful and I can’t wait to be sitting up in Heaven with God painting sunsets! We live on the southeast side of the Island so we don’t get many sunsets and I was bummed about that. Well, God must have known this, because the last two days we have had beautiful sunsets before the sun heads behind the mountains. Thank you God!!!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Oahu Adventures…

Wow, what a busy few days I’ve had on Oahu!
Wednesday I got over my fear of public transportation and took a bus up to Haleiwe where the Royal Hawaiian Surf competition was taking place, and it was incredible! The surf and weather were great! I got over 1200 pictures down to less than half of that after deleting the bad/mulitple ones. Side note-I love my camera, I can just hold down the button and it will keep taking pictures-great for action shots! Here is just one picture from the competition. To see all of the pictures please click on this link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2233675603128.2105503.1285072823&type=1&l=65da17f5e0

Thursday Uncle Keith had the day off and so we went to a few different places on the island; one of them being the Tantalus Lookout. A long drive through a lush green forest and a windy road brings you to about 1600 feet above sea level with an incredible view of Diamond Head, Honolulu, Punchbowl, Pearl Harbor and much more. We also went to the Spitting Cave at Portlock. The cave wasn’t spitting but there were a bunch of guys jumping off the 65ft+ cliffs. The shoreline here is pretty special, each layer you see represents a different volcanic explosion, and the water is exceptionally blue! That evening we took the Na Hoku Catamaran sunset cruise out of Waikiki. It was amazing to just enjoy the beautiful sunset and drink fresh pineapple juice…

Friday Uncle got off early from work and we went and saw the statue of King Kamehameha at the Iolani Palace; some might recognize this as the headquarters for Hawaii 5-O! That afternoon we went and swam at Waikiki. We were about 150 yards off shore and still standing on a sandbar. We saw a turtle way out there but then he disappeared. To our surprise, when we were still about 50 yards off shore, there was another huge turtle and his head was as big as a human's! He was literally just swimming around my legs, it was incredible! Then Uncle headed back to the hotel and I stayed on Waikiki and watched the sunset…It was gorgeous! Then we headed to the airport to catch our plane to Kauai. 

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Now I am back home on beautiful Kauai... Aloha, Kaileia

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today I got some pictures printed at Costco for my frames and my cork boards :)
Some people who I love...
Some of my favorite places in Washington...

My first cork board collage, I still have one more to do...

Now for some Hawaii 5-O!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Walk on the Beach...

Today we went to church which was great, and then afterwards we went to one of my Grandpa’s friend’s church where they were celebrating Thanksgiving. Lots of good food was had by all.  I don’t think I will be hungry for dinner tonight! After church we came home and watched some Seahawk football, congratulations to them by the way, great game!
This afternoon Janice and I went to a Slack Key Guitar Festival at the Kauai Beach Resort, it was really fun! Then Janice stayed by the pool while I took a walk on the beach and enjoyed the crashing and curling waves of the ocean. It was a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and wonderful afternoon. 

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orchids...Oh, and Laulau!

Oh, I can’t even explain how wonderful it smells over here with all the flowers growing on this Garden Island! There are over 26,000 types of orchids in the world, making it one of the two largest families of flowering plants. While some orchids have no fragrance to them, some have so much that it's enough to fill whole neighborhood. Many of them have intricate details on their petals, I think they are gorgeous!

Oh, and Laulau...our friend's church was selling some laulau so we went and got some today and we had it for dinner; it was delicious!!! Laulau is usually pork, beef or chicken wrapped in taro leaves and steamed for a few hours and then it’s ready to eat! In the old Hawaiian days after getting the laulau ready they are placed in an underground oven called an imu. Hot rocks are placed on the dish and covered in banana leaves and buried again. A few hours later the laulau is ready to eat!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flowers and Fruit

Today I went around and dropped off my resume at a couple of daycares, a nursing home and a hospital, so now it is in God’s hands and I am praying that I get a job quickly!

When I got home I took a walk around the grounds here and found a lot of beautiful flowers and some fruit. It was such a nice day out but we are expecting a lot of rain in the next couple days, hoping for some rainbows!
Can you find the lizard?! (Click on the picture to make it bigger)

One of my favorite flowers, Bird of Paradise...

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Malama Pono,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Took a walk outside this evening and saw all of these interesting clouds, I think they are beautiful! Also got a picture of the sunset, we don’t live on the west side so we don’t usually see the sunset but I got this pretty picture tonight! Once I get a car I am sure I will head over to the west side to get sunset pictures!

Tomorrow I will be dropping of my resume at some daycares and also a hospital in Kapa’a so prayers would be appreciated!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Uncle Keith’s Mountain, Ninini Point and PINK

This morning we went to a church in Kapa’a called New Hope, and it was awesome! The worship was great! The pastor was sick and so we watched the pastor in the sister church in Honolulu preach Everyone was really great and afterwards they had a brunch that was really nice with some amazing seafood chowder! They also were asking for volunteers in the nurseries, so after a few Sundays of going there I am hoping to get involved! They also have Hula on Monday evenings so that is something else I can do. I am very excited about this church!
After church we came home and watched the Seahawks win, wa-hoo!!! Then we headed out to coffee, but we first stopped at a place that has a great view of Uncle Keith’s Mountain and the lighthouse at Ninini Point.
In late 1980’s Uncle Keith decided to climb this “mountain”. It is a pretty strenuous hike but he says the view from the top is great! There is a rock up on the top where some people have etched their name and the date of when they hiked there. Included are members of the USS Pelican in 1925-that’s pretty cool! Uncle has been up there twice so his name is in there with two different dates. Aunt Gayle has her name there too! I am hoping to get up there sometime in May with family and add my name to the list!
 There is a beach that you can see from up there called Water House Beach. You aren't allowed there but  Uncle managed to swim over there, maybe I will too!

Click on the picture to see the lighthouse, it is that small white stick you see ;)
This photo doesn’t do the lighthouse justice, it stands about 115 ft high. 
There have been many lighthouses at Ninini Point, the first dating back to 1897. The Coast Guard now owns it and it no longer serves as a working lighthouse, but it is still beautiful! If you go there when there is a maintenance volunteer there they might let you climb to the top! 

Also today, I went on a mission to find PINK plumeria. There is a lighter pink plumeria that is more common here but this pink is more like magenta. These photos are hardly touched! They sure are gorgeous and smell wonderful!

I call this one, New Beginnings...

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Tomorrow I will be calling daycares around the Lihue area to see if I can get a job; prayers would be appreciated! Mahalo!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

King Kong and Coconut Lagoon Beach

King Kong, also called Kalalea Mountain, is a recognizable sight here on the island. Can you find the profile of King Kong? To the right of him you might notice a “Hole-In-The-Mountain”, (click on the picture to make it bigger) which it is appropriately named. Geologist say that there was once a long lava tube stretching from Wai’ale’ale to the sea. The hole used to be much bigger but there was a landslide in the early 1980’s that closed off most of it.

Today is Grandpopper and Janice’s 6th wedding anniversary! We went and spent some time at “their” beach which we named Coconut Lagoon Beach. We named it this because there is a small lagoon and there is often coconuts floating in it. It was such a beautiful day out today and the waves off of the beach were gorgeous! We also went to the spot where 6 years ago today Grandpa and Janice got married, right around the same time too! Right now they are off having some dinner at Duke’s to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!
Coconut Lagoon and Beach…

Happy Anniversary!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2011


We had a neighbor give us some starfruit today. The starfruit has ridges running down it’s sides (anywhere from 3-6, usually 5); in cross-sections and it resembles a star, hence its name.

 The red powder that you see on some of the starfruit is a powder called Li Hing Mui. It has a strong distinctive flavor. It is an acquired taste, and I like it!

Grandpa and Janice went down to the harbor today to watch The Pride of America, make its way out of the harbor. They kind of have to do a backwards “S” shape, they get help from some tug boats. It is tricky but they eventually get out of there.

The first 2 pictures are ones I took in April, the last one is from today. You can see the cruise ships leaving the island from our condo.

We are heading off to see some ice sculptures now! Should be fun!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Menehune Fish Ponds and Ahukini Landing at Hanama’ulu Bay

Menehune Fish Ponds:
In ancient Hawaiian times, the fishpond was of great importance to the people since fish was a major source of protein. Though it belonged to royalty, some of the species of fish were used by commoners. Long ago, the smaller fish were raised separately by a keeper, until large enough to live in the open pond.

This ancient Hawaiian Fishpond can be seen from an overlook on Hulemalu Road. Legend states it was built by the Menehune, leprechaun-little people, in one moonlit night as a gift for a princess and her brother. Archeologists date the pond to pre-Hawaiian times, around 1,000 years ago; the fishpond fronts the Hule'ia Stream. The wall between the pond and the stream is 900 feet long - an engineering marvel considering when the pond was built. Today the fishpond is privately owned and is no longer in use.

Ahukini Landing:
This pier was once an old landing formerly known as Ahukini Landing. At one point it was the only location where large vessels could dock on Kauai. After World War II, a new and better harbor was built at Nawiliwili Bay, which is where you see all the cruise ships docking today. The old Ahukini Pier was abandoned and mostly dismantled in 1978. The remnants of the pier remain, along with the old harbor beacon.

The pier and beach have appeared in some movies such as Donovan’s Reef, starring John Wayne, and 6 Days, 7 Nights, starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.

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A Hui Hou,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

As I was listening to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole today his iconic version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World came on. This is such a beautiful song and Iz’s voice is so wonderful, gentle and soft. Iz was born on May 20th 1959, I share a birthday with him and I think that is pretty special! He started off singing with a group called The Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau in 1976 with his brother and some other guys, and in 1990 he recorded his first solo album. From then on he continued to record until his death in 1997. He is often called, The Gentle Giant here in Hawaii and he is, and always will be missed. Rest In Peace Bruddah Iz.

I was trying to think of a picture to go along with today’s blog and suddenly I remembered a tree down in the garden. This unusual tree is called the Rainbow Eucalyptus; its bark is what makes it special. Patches of the bark come off during different times of the year revealing multi-colors of bark underneath; blue, purple, orange, yellow, and some maroon tones.

I figured the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree went well with Somewhere Over the Rainbow for today’s blog.
I did see a rainbow today, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture but that’s okay because I see a lot of them here!

You can listen to the song here:

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